This is the fourth of a series of "Did You Know?". This will be information about the world of spirits. I will be featuring a different spirit in each "Did You Know" blog.

Red Stripe Beer was 1st brewed in 1928 at Surrey Brewery located in Kingston, Jamaica.

When first brewed it had a more ale like flavor and was very rich and flavorful. In 1938, a lighter golden style lager version was introduced, and is the same version that is enjoyed worldwide today.

During World War II, American and Canadian soldiers who were in Jamaica were introduced to Red Stripe, and sales skyrocketed.

In 1956 the new Hunt's Bay Brewery was built and in 1962 they began exports to Grand Cayman and Eastern Caribbean.

In 1974 Red Stripe began exports to the USA.

Red stripe has a 9-month shelf-life and contains 4.7% alcohol

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